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We believe that a great leader not only has the necessary experience for ministry, but that they also have a solid educational foundation. At Daystar College, you’ll receive exceptional training and instruction from our pastors and teaching staff so you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge you need when you enter into your dream position. At Daystar College, we offer two different program options to fit your specific needs: Certificate and Degree. Whatever walk of life you’re currently in, we’ve got an option for you.


Daystar College offers the Certificate of Ministry and Leadership to provide students with practical leadership training that will prepare them to launch a successful future in a ministry or marketplace position.  You’ll be fully prepared by the pastors at Daystar Church and top-level instructors. Each student has the opportunity to get on-the-field training and experience to gain expertise in a specific area of ministry while also being developed as a leader.  The certificate is a one-year program.

The Daystar Certificate of Ministry and Leadership will include:

Bible Core (18 hours via Lee University Online)

  • BIBL 101 – Survey of the Old Testament
  • BIBL 102 – Survey of the New Testament
  • BIBL 261 – Methods of Bible Study
  • THEO 250 – Systematic Theology I
  • THEO 231 – Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • THEO 335 – Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Practical Ministry Core (via Daystar Church Leadership)

  • Spiritual Component (Weekly Chapel/Devotions)
  • Ministry Development (Specialized Areas)
  • Leadership Training (Daystar Staff Members)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Personal Mentor Program
  • Ministry Serve – Lead/Co-Lead Small Groups


For those students wishing to pursue a degree, practical core online classes will be offered via Lee University. Each course taken equals 3 credit hours.

Lee University Degree Programs offered via Daystar are:

Bible and Theology

Christian Studies

Ministry Leadership

For example the Bible and Theology program (BA degree) would include:

42 hours General Education Core

18 hours Religion Core

12 hours Humanities

12 Hours Communications

6 Hours Social Science

6 Hours Natural Science and Math

6 Hours Foreign Language

9 Hours General Electives

15 Hours Collateral requirements

36 Hours Specialized Area requirements

Total Hours for Graduation – 120

Daystar College recommends that students in our program enroll in one of the undergraduate ministerial training programs that Lee University Online offers. You can see more information about the Lee University Online programs and the ministerial discount at


Lee University is a private, comprehensive university located in Cleveland, TN, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Lee is emerging as a leader in higher education in the southeastern region and is consistently ranked in the “Top Tier” in the South by U.S. News & World Report (Comprehensive Medium-Size Universities) cialis generika rezeptfrei schweiz. Lee is also ranked by Princeton Review’s “Best Colleges” and is one of the 141 colleges named Best in the Southeast.

You can choose a track with any of the following emphasis: Business, Counseling, Youth or Children’s Ministry, Music and Worship, Church Administration, Discipleship, and Pastoral Ministry.